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  • The Academy of Music/Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”franklin-marshall-college” text=”Franklin & Marshall College”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”general-services-administration” text=”General Services Administration, Office of the Chief Architect”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”greater-philadelphia-cultural-alliance” text=”Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance”]
  • The Jackson Laboratory
  • Midatlantic Arts Foundation/PennPat
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”pennsylvania-academy-of-the-fine-arts” text=”Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”the-pew-center-for-arts-heritage” text=”The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”port-authority-of-nynj” text=”Port Authority of NY/NJ”]
  • Philadelphia City Planning Commission
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”philadelphia-international-airport” text=”Philadelphia International Airport”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”philadelphia-museum-of-art” text=”Philadelphia Museum of Art”]
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The Rosenbach Museum and Library
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”scala-arts-publishers” text=”Scala Arts Publishers”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”university-of-pennsylvania” text=”University of Pennsylvania”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”william-penn-foundation” text=”William Penn Foundation”]
  • [p2p type=”category” value=”the-wistar-institute” text=”The Wistar Institute”]